Bluetooth Relay & DAQ Board 8 Channel – IUB-BT8RD

42.84 $

8 Channel Bluetooth Relay & DAQ board – iUB-BT8RD

Features –
1. 8 on board relays to control various electrical equipment / products.
2. Additional 8 power outputs to control other loads parallel to the relays.
3. Power jumper to control only power outputs without relay control. This can be used
to control other loads in the range of 7-15 DC volts 300 mA per channel.
4. On board 5.0 & 3.3 V DC regulator.
5. On board Relay ON LEDs, Valid command LED and 2 LEDs indicating discoverable and
connected Bluetooth relay board status.
6. Power input of 12V DC to operate the board with relays.

7. There are additional 9 digital & analog inputs/output pins for Data Acquisition purpose.
Applications –
1. Home automation.
2. Industrial automation.
3. PC, Tablets and Smart phone operated controls.
4. Lighting control.
5. Garden, agriculture & horticulture equipment control.
6. Hobby & Do It Yourself projects.
7. Smart phone operated Robotics.

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