Google Gemini 

Google unveils Gemini, its largest AI model, aiming to rival OpenAI's GPT, revolutionizing applications.

Gemini Launch

Gemini accepts diverse inputs—text, images, audio, video, and code, enhancing user experience versatility.

Multimodal Capability

Google's chatbot Bard upgraded with Gemini, expanding capabilities, with plans to integrate into major products.

Bard Integration

Google's Gemini represents a substantial leap in science and engineering, marking a transformative AI era.

Industry Leadership

Gemini 1.0 offers Nano for mobile devices, Pro for diverse tasks, and Ultra, undergoing safety testing.

Three Sizes

Google's new cloud-based processors accelerate AI model training, potentially reshaping the wider AI industry.

Cloud Computing Boost

Gemini outperforms rivals across benchmarks, showcasing advancements in reading comprehension, math, and reasoning.

Benchmark Success

Google addresses concerns by improving factuality in Gemini, acknowledging challenges of AI models hallucinating.

Factual Accuracy

Gemini Ultra, the most advanced version, undergoes safety evaluations, prioritizing select customers before wider release.

Gradual Release

" In Google's quest for AI supremacy, Gemini emerges as a transformative force. With Bard integration, cloud advancements, and cautious Ultra release, the future of AI beckons. "

Jayprakash Shet

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