Top 11 sensors for your Arduino projects 

Picture it as Arduino's eyes – the ultrasonic sensor gauges distance, making your projects aware of their surroundings. A game-changer for navigation!


Ultrasonic distance measurement sensor

UV sensor detects ultraviolet rays. Ideal for monitoring sun exposure. Connect VCC, GND, and OUT pins to Arduino.


Ultraviolet Rays  sensor

Ultrasonic water level sensor for Arduino measures liquid levels. Connect VCC, GND, Trig, and Echo pins, then use Arduino code for accurate water level monitoring.

Ultrasonic water level sensor


Current sensor for Arduino measures electrical current. Connect VCC, GND, and OUT pins, then use Arduino code for precise monitoring in various electronic applications.

Current sensor


Protect your space by integrating a gas sensor. Arduino becomes a guardian, alerting you to any hazardous air quality changes. Safety at its finest!

Carbon Monoxide sensor


Let Arduino perceive light like our eyes do. A light sensor opens up possibilities for projects responsive to ambient lighting. Hello, smart lighting system!

Light sensor


pH sensor for Arduino measures acidity. Connect VCC, GND, and analog pin. Use Arduino code for accurate pH readings in water quality monitoring and agriculture.

pH sensor


Proximity sensor for Arduino detects nearby objects. Connect VCC, GND, and OUT pins. Use Arduino code for applications like touchless switches and obstacle avoidance.

Proximity sensor


Arduino cares about your well-being! Integrate a heart rate sensor for health-related projects, making your creations pulse with vitality.

Heart rate - pulse sensor


Capacitive fingerprint sensor for Arduino reads fingerprints securely. Utilize Arduino library for reliable biometric authentication in projects.

Capacitive Fingerprint sensor


Arduino becomes a green enthusiast! A moisture sensor ensures your plants receive the perfect amount of hydration. Smart gardening at your fingertips!

Soil moisture sensor


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