Is WiFi an example of IoT?

Wi-Fi as a Pillar of IoT

Wi-Fi, a ubiquitous technology globally, stands as a prime example of the Internet of Things (IoT). Its role in providing pervasive connectivity to link diverse devices to each other, the internet, and the cloud is indispensable. Recognizing Wi-Fi’s foundational role, the Wi-Fi Alliance champions its contribution to driving IoT innovation, positioning it as the go-to choice for unlocking maximum value in the IoT landscape.

Specialized Wi-Fi Standards for IoT

While Wi-Fi may not be optimal for every IoT application, the adaptability of this technology shines through. Two Wi-Fi standards, WiFi HaLow (802.11ah) and HEW (802.11ax), have been developed or are in development specifically for IoT. These standards showcase Wi-Fi’s versatility in catering to the unique demands of IoT applications.

Wi-Fi HaLow (802.11ah)

WiFi HaLow, denoted by the 802.11ah standard, emerges as a beacon for IoT applications. Tailored to operate in challenging environments and offering extended range, it addresses the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi in certain IoT scenarios. This standard underscores Wi-Fi’s commitment to evolving and meeting the diverse needs of the IoT ecosystem.

HEW (802.11ax)

HEW, represented by the 802.11ax standard, is another stride in Wi-Fi’s journey into IoT excellence. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and performance, HEW is designed to meet the burgeoning demands of IoT devices. This standard reflects the industry’s dedication to refining Wi-Fi for optimal functionality within the expanding landscape of the Internet of Things.


In conclusion, Wi-Fi stands tall as an exemplar of IoT connectivity. The Wi-Fi Alliance’s recognition of its foundational role, coupled with the development of specialized standards like WiFi HaLow and HEW, underscores Wi-Fi’s pivotal role in the IoT revolution. As we navigate the intricate web of IoT applications, Wi-Fi remains a steadfast and adaptable companion, ensuring seamless connectivity and innovation.

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