New 3.5″ IoT HMI launched

We have launched very useful HMI having IoT capability and having 3.5′ HD touch display with its own controller and other useful features.

The main features are –

  • 3.5 inch large display with 320 * 480 resolution, clear HD display.
  • Support 16-bit RGB 65K color display with rich colors.
  • Capacitive type touch screen for smooth operation.
  • WiFi Connectivity.
  • Bluetooth connectivity ( optional).
  • With Digital and analog I/Os.
  • Can be connected with various Sensors.
  • Can be controlled by PC and Smart phone.
  • Modular design – different back PCB for different applications.
  • GUI can be designed as per your requirement.
  • On board Buzzer.
  • On board SD card for Data Logging activity.
  • On board Real Time Clock ( Optional ) for various timing application.
  • IR sensor connectivity. ( optional ).
  • MODBUS connectivity ( optional ).
  • Can be connected with mechanical keyboard also.
  • Wide range of input – 7 to 24 V dc.
  • Size – 100 mm x 58 mm.
  • Can be suitable for any kind of machines.
  • Ideal for Home & industrial automation needs.
  • Totally in house design & manufactured so can be changed as per your requirement.
  • Yes, it is Made in India product.

This HMIs can be used individually or can use strap on pcb shown below to get more functionality.

This PCB board will attach to the HMI and is having on board power supply and other connectors to provide more features to the main HMI display.

The main features are –

  • Onboard power supply which can take wide input from 7 Vdc to 24 Vdc.
  • 4 on board relays to connect to high power loads.
  • 4 digital inputs ( range can be 3-24 V dc) which can be used to attach mechanical switches and proximity sensors
  • 2 number of I2C connectors to connect to many sensors like Temperature, Pressure, Length etc
  • One RS485 connector for ModBus.
  • 2 additional high power open collector outputs to operate loads up to 300 mA.
  • One Infrared Sensor connector.

All these features make this HMI along with the strap on board an ideal candidate for following applications –

  • Home automation.
  • Industrial automation.
  • Special purpose machines.
  • Food production machinery.
  • Tabletop machines.
  • Medical instruments.
  • Packaging machines.
  • Weather stations.
  • Robots.

Having IoT capability makes it very versatile and easy to incorporate in to your products.

Please note that this is a customized product as per your requirement. So please contact our support team at support(at) with your application requirement o that we can provide you a practical solution using these HMis.

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